June 2018 to        GRAPHIC DESIGNER

               Mar 2019        Microsoft, Redmond, Wa

XBOX R&D: Content Development, Marketing and Sales

Provide artistic support and marketing materials for XBOX Marketing and Sales. Provide tag lines and copy writng for XBOX, Game Pass and Mixer promotions.

                                       CONCEPT ARTIST

                                       Microsoft, Redmond, Wa

Cognition R&D: AR, VR and emerging technology

Acting Art Director for initial testbed assets. Write design briefs and supporting documentation. Provide direction, evaluate and provide feedback on outsourcing assets. Create presentation artwork for several confidential projects as well as concept art, prototype design, new style development, key art, storyboards, directional mood boards, paint overs, design layouts and photo-comps.


         Sept 2017 to         ART DIRECTOR                                                                           

              May 2018        DHX Media, Vancouver, B.C.

                                       Blaze and the Monster Machines Season 4

                                     Direct artistic vision, design, color and lighting on a                                                   large 3D production. Participate in scheduling, asset                                                 delegation, production planning, layout, animation                                                   and F/X. Maintain an excellent working relationship with                                         the client, promote communication and collaboration                                               and be a constant supportive presence for a team                                                     of designers and modelers.


         Sept 2014 to        ART DIRECTOR                                                                              

                 Present         Scrumble Design, Vancouver, B.C.

Produce high quality visual materials for console and mobile game production, advertising, event venues, film creation, architecture development, theme park and sports events, and other businesses and individuals who require artistic visualization and design of their ideas.


         May 2016 to         GRAPHIC DESIGNER

              Aug 2017         Microsoft USA, Redmond, Washington -  Randstad

WINDOWS 10 - New Windows Movie and Photo app.        Research and develop new ideas and methodologies visual using inclusive human-centered design. Forge ambiguous, abstract ideas into visually tangible, innovative products.                                                                                                                  Product Design:
Develop, organize and present user studies to a wide variety of people each with a unique perspective. Gather and analyze user data; produce actionable insights from the data, then utilize for product design improvement.                                                                                                                Visual Design:
Create culturally diverse graphics, user interface concepts, presentation videos and animatics. Produce concepts, presentations, design documents, print media, color systems and promotional materials, as well as product designs, visual guides and pitch storyboards.                                                                                                                    Develop color grading systems for photo filters; test        and apply. Research and create diverse design and style systems for proof of concept and presentation.                                                                                                                              Research and develop appropriate theme-based typography systems to be applied worldwide.


          Mar 2015 to        LEAD DESIGNER / ACTING ART DIRECTOR

             May 2016         DHX Media, Vancouver B.C.

Monster High Feature                                                                    Slugterra                                                                                            Strawberry Shortcake                                                                    George's Secret Key to the Universe - Stephen Hawking          Blaze and the Monster Machine Season 3                                Rev & Roll                  


           Jan 2014 to         ART OUTSOURCING MANAGER

              July 2014         Smoking Gun Interactive, Vancouver, B.C.

                                       Age of Empires                                                                                                                         Warhammer 40000


          Mar 2013 to        LEAD DESIGNER

               Jan 2014         GameHouse / Real Networks, Victoria, B.C.

GameHouse Slots

GameHouse Casino



          Apr 2012 to         SENIOR DESIGNER

               Oct 2012         DHX Media,  Vancouver, B.C.

                                     Disney's Packages from Planet X


          Mar 2011 to        SENIOR CONCEPT ARTIST

             Mar 2012          SEGA, Vancouver, B.C.

Company of Heroes 2



               Mar 2011        Sony,  Redmond, Washington.

                                     MAG - Massive Action Game
                                     The Specialist 


         May 2005 to         CONCEPT ARTIST / DESIGNER

              Feb 2007         Next Level Games / Nintendo,  Vancouver, B.C.

                                     Mario Strikers Charged                                                                                                   WWE Titans
                                     Unrevealed Mario Bros. R&D project.


           Jun 2003 to         CONCEPT ARTIST / OUTSOURCING MANAGER

             May 2005         Electronic Arts (Blackbox Games), Vancouver, B.C.

Need for Speed: Underground
Need for Speed: Underground 2
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition
Need for Speed: Underground Rivals




                                       CAPILANO UNIVERSITY

                                       North Vancouver, B.C.

                                        Animation (Design and Concept Art) 2D and 3D


                                       GEORGIAN COLLEGE of APPLIED ARTS and TECHNOLOGY

                                       Barrie, Ontario

                                       Graphic Design (Print Design, Product Design,                                                             and Photography)



                                        3D Studio Max, Maya, Sketch-up, Photoshop, Lightroom,                                                  Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, Premier Pro, After Effects,                                                      Unity, Excel, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Perforce, Shotgun.



                                        Hiking, canoes, gardening, woodworking, carving, fine art,                                                drawing mechs, designing, and restoring old cars and jeeps.


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